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  I forgot to tell everyone about the new giveaway! Check out my website for details!

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Theme or Story: What Comes First?

Which comes first, the theme or the story? Someone asked me that recently as I autographed her book. Did I find a verse or theme in the Bible and wrap a story around it? The answer from others would probably … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Stuff

As always, the Monday after Mom finds me tired. We had a great time, in spite of the fact that our visit consisted of one doctor’s appointment after another. All good, thank you very much, but still, they made for … Continue reading

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Co-authoring Secrets

I know I’ve been saying that the release date is August 15, but guess what! Our conspiracy thriller is already up on Amazon. So if you’ve been waiting for it–it’s here! Brad and I have been sorting through the maze on … Continue reading

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Val Gordon, Man of Precision

Val Gordon recreates bones in a laboratory at Hadley Scientific, an enterprise that, among other things, supplies the world’s need for fossilized skeletons. There’s nothing unusual about this; museum demand far exceeds supply in this field. Using precision instruments, Val does his part … Continue reading

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Gunnar Schofield, Detective for Hire

Gunnar Schofield–locked in the past, disdainful of most modern conveniences, tough guy. Widower. Gunnar and Becky were a crime-solving team for years until her father, Daniel Henderson, fell ill with Parkinson’s Disease. Then, she went to take care of him, … Continue reading

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Meet Our Heroine: Mary Dillard

As the interim Director of Development of the National Academy of Sciences, Mary Dillard is an up-and-comer in Washington, DC. She’s chic, cosmopolitan, intelligent–and occasionally unsure of herself. Her parents died when she was young, and her teen years were … Continue reading

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Early Review of The Simulacrum!

Brad submitted The Simulacrum for review and just got it back yesterday: A fast-paced thriller with an intriguing scientific mystery. Mary Dillard is an ambitious Washington, D.C., woman on the cusp of attaining her dream job, Director of Development at the National Academy … Continue reading

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The Facts Behind the Fiction

Last week and the week before, Brad Seggie and I blogged about our new book and about the dangers of falling indiscriminately for anything scientists tell us. The thing is, we have no way of knowing the facts about anything in … Continue reading

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Know What You Write

Once again, today’s post is compliments of my writing partner Brad Seggie. Brad did all the research for The Simulacrum, much of it amazingly detailed and intense. He developed an exciting plot from his research, and the resulting book was a … Continue reading

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