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How to Get Back to Work

Ordinarily, the best way to prepare yourself for an extended absence from your daily routine is to leave notes to yourself. Have a list. Make everything ready so you can quickly resume where you left off. But then, there are … Continue reading

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Looking for Me?

If you’re looking for me today, head over to the ACFW blog where I talk about how not to write a series. I discuss some of the challenges I’m facing with the Circle Bar Ranch series-that-wasn’t-supposed-to-be-a-series. Yet another opportunity to learn … Continue reading

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A Nation to Celebrate

I’m proud of our country. As a nation, we’ve done some pretty amazing things and have come to the aid of downtrodden peoples all over the world. These days, with the redacted history being taught today—where only our sins are … Continue reading

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Social Media Caveat

How’s your schedule? Been busy lately? Yeah, me too. Most of the authors I know are currently swamped and scrambling to find time to spend with their families while still making deadlines and advancing their status on various projects. I’m … Continue reading

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Yvonne Anderson on Tiny House Living

Another one of the contributors to the tiny house collection explains why tiny house living isn’t for her—but she wrote a terrific story for Coming Home! Tiny House Living – One Woman’s Thoughts When some of my writer friends talked about … Continue reading

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Web Site Reveal

I think it’s ready–my new website,, that is. I’m proud of it. We spent a year trying to get it ready. Between my schedule and my designer’s schedule, we rarely clicked, but when we did, the result was great. Peter … Continue reading

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Of Story-telling, Beth Moore, and El Elyon

Earlier this year, when I was between studies, I asked the Lord to lead me to a new one. Well, He led me to three—which makes me thankful I wake up around four in the morning, or I’d never be … Continue reading

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General Update of Sorts

Things around here got mighty busy mighty fast, not that I’m complaining. Here are the highlights: I’ve been editing our novellas for our Tiny House Collection and, let me tell you, you’re in for some great stories. So far, I’ve … Continue reading

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2016 Book Faves

I noticed that I’d set my reading goal at twelve books for 2016. And that’s exactly the number I read, according to my list. Goodreads has me at ten, but I think I forgot to date and review a couple. … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

  Here’s to all the promises to ourselves we broke last year, and all the new ones we’ll break this year. May 2017 bring you everything you wish and more!

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