Keep a Quiet Heart, a review

What a treasure Elisabeth Elliot was! A no-nonsense, pragmatic Christian, she unapologetically measured everything against the Word of God. Popular culture, popular beliefs, popular—you name it. If it didn’t measure up, she discarded it, but not without putting in her own two cents first.

I love her wisdom and the way she expresses herself. I love that she draws on vast experience as a missionary, a mother, a woman. Everything she says is so applicable to life today and is so common-sensical—at least to a Christian—that I wonder why we don’t see it.

For instance, I love what she said in Keep a Quiet Heart about the great November holiday, Thanksgiving:

Christians know there is Somebody to thank, but often when we make a list of things to thank Him for we include only things we like. A bride and groom can’t get away with that. They write a note to everybody, not only the rich uncle who gave them matching BMWs, but the poor aunt who gave them a crocheted toilet-paper cover. In other words, they have to express thanks for whatever they’ve received … Thanksgiving is a spiritual exercise, necessary to the building of a healthy soul.

You can’t get any more down-to-earth than crocheted toilet-paper covers.

This book is so full of wisdom, and I learned so much from its amazing author, the quotable Elisabeth Elliot. Keep a Quiet Heart is worth spending your quiet time with. Read slowly and drink it all in.

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