The World Did Not Know Him

At one time, we lived a couple of hours from our kids, grandkids, and great-grands. Disheartening, because we didn’t get to see them often. One set of grands and their kids live in a neighborhood close to a park. As we made our way to their house whenever we could, we didn’t expect their neighbors to know us, much less those in the park.

But we often had to reintroduce ourselves to our great-grands. It hurt to have to start over in our relationship with them every time, but they were young, so we understood. We simply took joy in interacting with those who wouldn’t remember us the next time we saw them.

Was it the same for Jesus?

Today’s lesson, derived from John 1:10-11,  illustrates the pain, not just of a lack of recognition, but of rejection. And who would know how that feels better than the One who hung on a cross for an entire world of rejecters?

(For other studies in this series, click the “Walking Softly with John: a Bible Study” tab in the menu above.)

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