In the Dark

If you don’t know by now, we’re moving 150 miles from our home in east Texas back to our hometown in central Texas. As hard as it is on MSB and me, it’s even harder on PB. She’s in the dark about what’s going on. It would be so much easier on all of us if she could just grasp the English language, but she can’t—which means when I say “Bad girl!” for her pooping on the carpet, she just looks at me.

And that’s what she’s been doing: pooping on the carpet. She’s in the dark, she doesn’t know what’s going on, her life is not continuing in a normal fashion, with her humans bowing to her every whim, so she performs the second greatest of all kitty-cat sins. The first would be if she peed on the carpet. That would be far worse and would result in a far stricter penalty than being told bad girl.

Here’s the thing. She knows it’s wrong, but she’s doing it anyway. In her little feline mind, she thinks she has reason. What she doesn’t understand is that she’s not queen bee in this house. I am. And I have the power to see to it she does not reside here any longer.

But even at 15, she’s my baby girl, my sweet kitty. I put up with her belligerence because I love her. Because I understand. Even though I don’t grasp what she’s saying when she meows at me, I understand that all this change must be scaring her.

Just like PB is in the dark about so much going on, so are a lot of people. Some are being belligerent; some simply don’t know they’re in the dark. There is only one Light that can help. Read about it here, in Day 3 of Walking Softly with John.

(For other studies in this series, click the “Walking Softly with John: a Bible Study” tab in the menu above.)

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6 Responses to In the Dark

  1. What a great metaphor! I shared this post just as a reminder that people can be like disgruntled cats!


  2. I understand how she feels right now!


  3. NikeChillemi says:

    She’s also trying to anchor down the home she’s got. Yes, she knows a house cat doesn’t do that and she shouldn’t. But the wild feline part of her brain is kicking in. I have a 15 year old cat. I understand.


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