Thankful for This Particular Spring

As I write this, the trees have budded and many of them are already filling out with new leaves, spring green in its various shades. In a few more days, my front yard will look like this again. And the reason I’m so excited about it is that the Lord granted me one last spring in this lovely setting.

When we first moved here, I would get so lonely at times and have the biggest pity parties, sitting in front of the big windows in the living room, overlooking the pond in our back yard. It belongs to the neighbors, but because it borders our property, it belongs to us too.

The couple who lived in our neighbor’s house before knew how to keep the pond clean of weeds, and it was absolutely gorgeous. One day, while I was really feeling sorry for myself—so far from home where Daddy had cancer and Mama was handling everything all by herself and I wanted to be there so badly to help—I sat down on the love seat in front of the windows, clutching a box of Kleenix, and had a good, old-fashioned boo-hoo. It was a gray day, and the pond was the same ecru color as in this picture. Everything was still and quiet outside, and inside, I kept weeping as if I’d never stop.

That was when I got the first of many God-kisses out here in our little forest. He parted the clouds and blew a breeze across the pond, then sent the sun to make the water sparkle. Ripple after ripple of sparkling diamonds, blinding me and delighting me and making me laugh. The result was a lighter heart and an assurance that everything would be okay.

We have almost eleven acres out here, and the house sits on about two of them, maybe two and a half. Every square inch of it is beautiful to me, especially near the water.

But the young couple in the process of buying this place are going to love it as much. The mister came to the house Saturday with his dad, a contractor who can update the house itself and restore it.

Our new house has been renovated, a flipped 1970s ranch, and I love it already. But when I look out those windows, I won’t be seeing anything like this. Neighbors with fences. A yard a fraction of the size of ours here. Traffic noises will replace the birds and frogs. But on the good side, there won’t be as much pine pollen as there is here.

Lands, I’m going to miss this place. But God has granted me one more spring.

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5 Responses to Thankful for This Particular Spring

  1. K.M. Weiland says:

    How incredibly beautiful!


  2. Oh Linda, I understand your conflict. I felt the same way about leaving my home of twenty-six years. We had an acre and a third, set in the middle of horse pastures. Mountains filled with elk, deer, coyotes, and mountain lions bordered the western edge. Rabbits and quail grazed in the huge yard surrounded with pine and juniper trees. A stand of Quaken Aspen whispered outside my bedroom window. My parents lived across a pasture from us, close enough to walk back and forth for many, many family gatherings.

    The first morning in our new house I woke to the coo of doves and so many song birds I couldn’t name them all. The cherry tree in the backyard burst with sweet scented blossoms. The rising sun illuminated the wood in the kitchen with a bright glow. Later, my husband and I discovered a walking path close to the house, an old railroad path that wound for fifty miles through open land and forest. The first time I walked it, I heard meadow larks and blackbirds. Cottonwoods shaded the path.

    Every house I’ve lived in since has had a beautiful place to walk. God has blessed me. I am sure he will bless you too with a beautiful surprise in your new home. He knows your heart, and how much you love his natural wonders. ❤


    • It sounds beautiful! I’ve seen pictures–you’re still out in the country, aren’t you? We’re in town, but I’m determined to make our backyard an oasis somehow. Definitely hanging bird feeders outside my office windows!


      • The second description is of my first home in a subdivision back in 2003 after selling my home of twenty-six years. It has taken me fourteen years and five moves to land here on our little half acre out in the country. But God gave me beautiful homes and places to walk in every subdivision. I know he will do the same for you. And yes, put up the bird feeders and design your own little oasis in the middle of suburbia. Your new home is beautiful and there are so many things you can do with plants and shrubs to give you that little slice of nature. 🙂


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