Creative Ability

When I was growing up, we had clay to play with—not Play-Doh, just plain ol’ clay. It came in different colors, but when I tired of whatever I’d created, I would ball it up until all the colors mixed into one: gray mud. But it was fun. I made elephants and monkeys, flowers and honey bees, whatever came to my imagination.

Then, Mom introduced me to watercolors, and I felt like an artist holding that brush in my hand. I was never really good with watercolors, but as I got older and moved to acrylic and then to oils, I got better and learned the joy of creating a scene from a blank canvas.

Now, of course, I create characters and story worlds on my computer and send them out to the world in the form of books.

But the reason I’m capable of creating is because I’m made in His image. Because He creates, I can create. Just not as perfectly or skillfully.

Read about His creativity in Day 2 of the Walking Softly with John study: Without Him Nothing was Made. 

If you missed Day 1 of the study, “In the Beginning,” you can access it from the drop-down menu under the Walking Softly with John tab above, or click here. Or to catch the series from the beginning, just hit the Walking Softly tab.

I hope to put up a new post every Sunday as I go through this slower paced study of the Gospel of John. It has been a wonderful walk. I hope you continue to join me.

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1 Response to Creative Ability

  1. Having the ability to create is exciting, inspiring, and humbling. We can never achieve the level of creativity of the Master Creator, but our efforts bring joy, not only to us, but also to those who receive our gifts. ❤


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