Review: Christmas in Love

Okay, so I’m late to be writing a review of a Christmas collection, but I was late reading it. In December 2019—Christmas had already passed—I found Jessica Ferguson’s book in my Kindle. Jess is a dear, personal friend of mine, and I can’t believe it took me so long to read her collection. But I’m sure glad I did.

Christmas in Love is a collection of Jess’s best Christian Christmas romances, and I loved them all. My favorite . . . well, first things first.

I love the theme running through each novella: Reconciliation. One of the characters in each story has or needs to reconcile with Christ, then prove themselves to and reconcile with the other MC. It isn’t always easy. Jesus is “faithful and just to forgive,” but it takes the rest of us a little longer when we’ve been hurt. Jess beautifully depicts the pain and confusion the injured party endures while at the same time showing the determination and self-kicking of the one who did the injuring. The pain runs both ways when two people in love split up.

All three stories, carefully crafted and beautifully presented by my friend and mentor, Jessica Ferguson, are worth the read—if not at this late date, save it for July. But my favorite is (drum roll, please) If You Believe. Oh, my! What a wedding that must’ve been!

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