Brea Rose Soap Garden

While I was going through radiation therapy, the doctor told me to use a cream on the affected area frequently–even told me which brand was best. “You can buy it on Amazon,” she said. Well, I couldn’t find it on Amazon, and after I told her, she couldn’t find it either. What to do? I wrote to the owner of Brea Rose Soap Garden, Dolly Vogel, told her the ingredients the doctor suggested, and asked her to make the cream for me.

She did, and she did a wonderful job. Can I say that she literally and single-handedly saved my skin? Not entirely, but her cream was a huge part of my healing. My doctor was amazed at how quickly and well I healed.

Actually, I love all her products. When we published A Southern Season, each of us authors chose one of BRSG soaps to represent our stories. I bought a few extra, just because I liked the way they looked. Afterward, I loved the way they felt. I’m a fan!

I asked her to write a piece about herself and her company for my blog~~~

She also provided some images of the soaps she makes. So cute!

Brea Rose Soap Garden does business exclusively on Facebook. Dolly also puts up some of the most wonderful pictures and memes. Even if you’re not in the market for specialty soaps and creams, check out her page for the sheer beauty of it.

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8 Responses to Brea Rose Soap Garden

  1. Lori Ellis says:

    How wonderful! Praying for you, my warrior!


  2. Dolly Vogel says:

    I am so delighted that you received some relief with the cream, Linda.
    ❤ and Hugs~Dolly~ BreaRose Soap Garden

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  3. K.M. Weiland says:

    Her products look lovely! So glad you were able to find them.


  4. Dolly sounds as wonderful as her products. A divine intervention put the two of you together. I’ll be checking out her FB page. Thank you for sharing your story and her amazing products.

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