2018 Favorite Novels

According to Goodreads, I set my goal for 2018 at 36 books. What was I thinking? Between those I edit and those I write, I don’t have time for pleasure reading. By the end of the year, I logged in a pathetic 19 books, only one of which is nonfiction writing-related.

In my defense, though, this doesn’t include the NF books I read to my legally blind mother. Her preference tends toward religion and politics. I think I read four books to her this year, not including two of mine, bringing my total to 23.

The bulk of the books I read for pleasure were Historical Romance, unusual for me. I also read YA fiction and Fantasy/Christian Supernatural along with a couple of Women’s Fiction novels.

I put my favorite first, but couldn’t resist giving room to the others–in no particular order. It was a very good year for HR (tap the cover for the links).

I really loved this book. Not only did I enjoy the development of the characters’ romance, I enjoyed reading about a part of America I’m unfamiliar with, complete with the activities, careers, lifestyles associated with that area. Naomi did a wonderful job with her descriptions. For historical romance lovers, this one is a definite must.

Speaking of being whisked away to another place and time, Michelle Griep is a wonder at providing her readers with a bit of escapism. Her writing is often lyrical, with a rhythm and life that I love, and her research is impeccable, considering she goes to England to do it. The Innkeeper’s Daughter has it all—romance, mystery, suspense. Like all of Michelle’s books, it’s definitely worth the read. It ties with Naomi’s for top billing in historical romance.

Others I enjoyed this year are:

One HR novella collection was a lot of fun this year and included authors I wasn’t familiar with. I’m a huge fan of Pegg Thomas, but this collection introduced me to Candice Sue Patterson too–and now I’m a fan of hers.

These were all great reads. If you like Historical Romance—English, American, deep past or more recent—you’ll love all these books.

The two Young Adult books I read were as different as day and night. One was an action/adventure, and the other was more of a new-future political thriller.

Mardan’s Heir, a novella in the Mardan’s Mark Epic Fantasy Adventure Series is a total escape and completely fun read. It ends with a cliff-hanger, but Kathrese promised put the sequel out quickly. All her books in this series are great. You don’t have to be a young adult to love them.

I loved The First Principle. Kind of a political thriller for young adults, but like most YA I’ve read, its audience isn’t limited to the young. Marissa Shrock takes all the socio-political changes going on today to their logical conclusion and shows the impact on a near-future society. Christian YA fiction at its finest.


I hit the jackpot this year in Fantasy/Christian Supernatural. But The Wrong Enemy wins as my favorite in this genre this year.

What an intricate look at the effects of guilt and non-communication. What a great novel of God’s love and forgiveness!

I didn’t realize this one was part of a series, but when I have time, I intend to go back and read them all. Jane Lebak has a new fan in me!

Among the other greats include K.M. Wyland/Weiland’s smash hit, Wayfarer, the making of a superhero.

All three of these were really good. The Harbinger series with Billy Myers, Frank Peretti, and Angela Hunt is totally engrossing. I haven’t read them all, but the ones I have read were fantastic.

Of the Women’s Fiction novels, I don’t know which I like the best. As Waters Gone By reads more like WF, but I didn’t know what else to call Liar’s Winter. The two are entirely different in style, and both are so wonderful, I don’t know which to give top billing. So—here they are:

Book of the Year for 2018

I can’t help being fascinated by this novel. The best part is that it’s Book 1 of the Emancipation Warriors series. I’ve added the entire series to my wish list.

There ya go. Not all the novels I read last year are here, but this is the bulk of them. I had fun in 2018 with all my books. I wonder what 2019 will bring? I know one sad-but-true thing: I won’t get to read all the ones I want to.





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10 Responses to 2018 Favorite Novels

  1. I enjoyed a few of these this year. Mist over the Voyager was awesome. I read well over 36 books but I know it wasn’t a hundred this year because of my writing goals. I’ve read a few novella collections this year. Pegg Thomas was in all of them. (Love her) And I’ve been reading Mary Connealy’s newest. Her Guardian Series and Garrison’s Law Series. I’ve always enjoyed her westerns so the Garrison law series set in the modern world is different but still has the same page-turning excitement and humor.
    Thanks for sharing your favorites.


  2. K.M. Weiland says:

    Thanks for the shout out! Will be launching (under my own name, after all) next Monday!


  3. Lynne says:

    Thanks for including my work in this post. And a special thanks for reading it. I know how hard it is to find the time to read when you’re tied up in the production of your own book. I’ll refer to this list on my next trip to the library or bookstore ’cause I know I can trust your recommendation. BTW, I’m having a Book Signing at Barnes and Noble this Saturday at 2:00 featuring my latest release. “The Trinity Quilts.” I know Tyler is a long way for you to come . . but I sure wish you could. Haven’t had a hug from you since last September! Say “Hi” to Dusty. Lynne


    • I’m excited for you about your new release, Lynne!!! I wish I could be at your signing–and Tyler isn’t too far for me to go–but I’ll be in Houston Saturday. Please let me know if you have another public event, though. I’d love to see you!


  4. Pegg Thomas says:

    Awww … garsh. *blushes*


  5. annmalley says:

    Reblogged this on Ann Malley and commented:
    Want to review 2018? Find out what must reads you may have missed? Historical Romance? YA? Christian supernatural to suspense?

    Check out Grace Award winning, ‘Give the Lady a Ride’ author, Linda W. Yezak look back. You’ll be glad you did ;^)

    Write on!


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