And the winner is . . .

Did you know about my Clean Read Giveaway? It included a copy of A Southern Season and a bar of specialty, homemade soap from Brea Rose Soap Garden, called “Coastal Mist” to honor my novella in the collection, Ice Melts in Spring.

If you didn’t know about the giveaway, then you should check out my website occasionally at (notice the “w.” My blog address doesn’t have it) and look under the “Extras” tab. In fact, if you went there and signed up for my “Coffee with Linda” newsletter, you’d get notice of giveaways right in your mailbox!

And now for my announcement . . .

The winner of my Clean Reads Giveaway is


Charlene, be sure to send me your address so I can send out this great set to you!

By the way, y’all. I’ve tried Brea Rose Soap and love it! Dolly Vogel makes some of the cutest bars of soap chock full of skin scenting and softening ingredients that feel totally luxurious. And they’re so cute!!! If you haven’t seen her site you need to. She has a Facebook store, and considering she has over 56,000 followers, she must do pretty good.

And for those who would like to read A Southern Seasonthe Kindle version is free this week! Be sure to grab it!


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