Last Day! Blog Tour: Sylvia Stewart

Last day of the tour! I’m with author and honorary mom figure, Sylvia Stewart, today sharing what I consider to be the 10 Commandments for Writers. The list includes a lot of prayer and thanksgiving, because as authors, we need to put both to work!

I’ll announce the winner of the tour Monday, so keep an eye out. Here’s the list, in case you’ve missed any of the opportunities to up your chances in the drawing:

Simple Pacing Techniques (for writers)

Mary L. Hamilton interview

Writer Wednesday with Susan Baganz

Cathy Reuter interview

Summer Lessons Learned the Hard Way

Interview with Lena Dooley

Tips for Publishing, Part One and Part Two

Lessons from My Cats

The Spirit’s Fruit of Joy

Interview with author Sarah Ruut

Interview with author Naomi Musch

The Fear of Diving

Creativity—in His Image

The Inspiration for the Circle Bar Ranch series

Good luck, everyone!



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