Especially for Writers, and Blog Tour, Day 10: Love Colored Glasses

Western Wisdom: Success

About that blog tour—you still with me?

Today I share words of encouragement with Jody Day’s readers on her Love Colored Glasses blog. I tell of coming away from a writing conference with an unfulfilled desire in my heart. Read the post to see what I learned. If you’re feeling down in your career, my lesson might help you too.

Keep in mind that every time you comment during the blog tour, your name will be thrown in to the “hat” for the drawing for the winner-take-all prize, pictured above. If you’re behind, here’s a list of the tour stops:

Summer Lessons Learned the Hard Way

Interview with Lena Dooley

Tips for Publishing, Part One and Part Two

Lessons from My Cats

The Spirit’s Fruit of Joy

Interview with author Sarah Ruut

Interview with author Naomi Musch

The Fear of Diving

Creativity—in His Image

The Inspiration for the Circle Bar Ranch series

Next week is the last week of the tour, and the winner will be announced here, in my newsletter, and with each blog owner in the tour on Monday, August 6.

Good luck, everyone!



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4 Responses to Especially for Writers, and Blog Tour, Day 10: Love Colored Glasses

  1. They are all good, especially that last one! I do hope I can say the same when I stand before my Creator at the end of my life.

    (By the way I am not commenting to enter the contest. Just wanted to give you my two cents! Or, should that now be a dime? Hmm, with inflation a couple of dollars? Doesn’t have the same ring, does it?)

    Hope your campaign is hugely successful! You deserve it! ❤


  2. K.M. Weiland says:

    Boom. I love that first one. Saving it.


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