Blog Tour, Day 6: Another Two-Fer!

Today, I’m visiting with authors Sarah Ruut and Naomi Musch, both of whom conducted terrific interviews. Sarah asked what was the craziest thing I ever did—there are so many, I had a hard time choosing, so I kept it writing-related. She also asked for hints of what I’m working on now. Naomi wanted me to pick out a character in my Circle Bar Ranch series that surprised me. Had to think on that one. I love all my characters, and each of them have surprised me in one way or another.

Come see all the answers and be sure to leave a comment so you’ll be included in the prize drawing—one winner takes all!

Here’s the list in case you’ve missed a post (Friday’s post was eliminated):

Monday: Summer Lessons Learned the Hard Way and Interview with Lena Dooley

Tuesday: Tips for Publishing, Part One (with Part Two on Thursday)

Wednesday: Lessons from My Cats

Thursday: The Spirit’s Fruit of Joy

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