Especially for Writers and Blog Tour, Day 5

Western Wisdom:

Hard work and faith in God got me yet another Winning novel for the Circle Bar Ranch series–and I’ve been promoting Ride to the Altar like crazy this week! If you haven’t been keeping up with me, scroll down and learn about the blog tour and how you can enter to win the grand prize!

Today, I’m with author Kassy Paris on her Cat Lady Blog, talking about–you guessed it!–Cats! This was a fun interview, where I get to discuss pets in general, mine in particular, and my next favorite subject, writing!

If you missed the other posts this week, here’s the run-down:

Monday: Summer Lessons Learned the Hard Way and Interview with Lena Dooley

Tuesday: Tips for Publishing, Part One (with Part Two showing up on Thursday)

Wednesday: Lessons from My Cats

Thursday: The Spirit’s Fruit of Joy

Looking forward to your comments!


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2 Responses to Especially for Writers and Blog Tour, Day 5

  1. K.M. Weiland says:

    That last pic is gorgeous enough to put up on the wall.


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