Blog Tour, Day Three, with Cecilia Marie Pulliam

Today on the tour, I share with fellow  author, Cecilia Marie Pulliam, a lesson I learned from my cats, Cuddlebug and PB. Critters have such amazing personalities, and I believe God uses them to teach their human owners a thing or two.  God knows I’ve learned from my pets.

Here’s an excerpt of what I share with Ceci’s readers:

Cuddlebug is mad at me. Because of a thyroid condition, she has to eat special food—but she doesn’t know that. She just knows that PB gets to eat in the living room from a fancy earthenware bowl that gets whipped off the floor whenever Bug comes near. And it’s not fair that PB gets to have special stuff that she’s not allowed to even sniff.

What my 19-year-old tortoise shell cat doesn’t know—aside from the fact that she has a condition—is that I pay extra for her food and can only get it from the vet.

Learn more by reading the post–and don’t forget to leave a comment to enter into the grand prize drawing!

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  1. Jeana Rayfield says:

    Enjoyed this post.😀

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