Adventures at the 2018 Blueberry Festival

Something happened this year that really opened my eyes to the value of fans.

For the past several years, my little “Canopy Bookstore” has had the same location at the festival, close to the heart of the main drag. This year, for reasons I have yet to understand, my friend and fellow author, Mary Hamilton, and I got moved to a side street. I’m not saying we didn’t do well. Just not as good as last year.

While there are lags at every event, there are also wonderful bursts of sales activities that keep you busy and thankful for the next few moments of inactivity. Since we were on a side street, there were fewer “bursts” and fewer browsers to lure to our booth.

But some of my true fans actually hunted me down. “I’ve been looking for you all over!” became my favorite comment of the day. The fact that they found me taught me how gratifying and humbling it is to have fans. Some of those who hunted for me have read every single book. They come back every year to see what new adventure I published for them. One of them praised my writing with such enthusiasm and such volume that she drew the attention of a couple of customers visiting the booth next to ours. Those two alone bought four books.

It’s fun knowing my books are read, but discovering that I have fans waiting for my releases year after year amazes me. I feel so blessed and humbled.

If you’re one of them, thank you!



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8 Responses to Adventures at the 2018 Blueberry Festival

  1. Boy, Linda, I feel your “pain.” The annual Authorfest I participate in my hometown of Lake Geneva, WI had me at the same location for a couple of years, then last year I was told I was being moved. I was very anxious about it because the first location was next to a sidewalk that goes along the outside of of the fest, thus I could possibly sell to people not intentionally entering the sales area. I was moved as promised but it turned out to be okay. The people coming by were more interested because they were there intentionally. Didn’t mean I sold more books, but I had readers considering the books rather than people with a stronger interest of going to the beach and not looking for a beach read. This year I actually did ask to be where I was last year. Come July, I’ll find out. I hope you can be placed back in your “usual” spot next year.


  2. Every writer’s dream! You are indeed blessed! I’d look all over for you too! 😉


  3. K.M. Weiland says:

    That’s kinda awesome. If they hadn’t moved you, you wouldn’t have gotten the opportunity know how much people love you. 🙂


  4. Lori Ellis says:

    That’s a great story, Linda! You are a blessing to many and of course that brings blessings to you.


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