Road Trip Results

Sometimes even the best-laid plans don’t turn out as well as you hope. Take this past event in Galveston, for instance. Texas Association of Authors’ founder and president Alan Bourgeois did everything right. He scouted the location, did tons of ads and promos, thought he had us off to a great start. But he couldn’t stop Hurricane Harvey, which damaged one location, messed with an alternative, and postponed the event for several months. Nor could he know that the secretary he’d booked the third location through had double booked the venue. So, one week before the event, we were moved to a school cafeteria.

This is the first time TAA has tried to hold an event in Galveston, and first times are always semi-successful learning events. I’m sure Alan learned a lot, and I know I did. And, I got to reunite with old friends and make a few new ones.

Linda Pirtle and N.E. Brown

Linda Pirtle, Dana Wayne, Patty Wiseman, and N.E. Brown–the Northeast Texas crew.

with Mary Hamilton and Nancy Kimball, friends from ACFW

Networking with other authors is one of the benefits of events like this. I always check out their set-ups and learn so much. Many had great banners, like Dana’s below, instead of the poster on an easel, like I had, that we kept stumbling over. Her banner fit perfectly behind the table and didn’t get in anyone’s way.

Dana’s table set-up and banner

I also got to interview an author who had great info for a book idea I’ve been playing with, enjoyed coaching a young writer who’s already ahead of the game in many ways, and was reminded that even disappointing sales days had purpose and could be fun (thanks, Nancy).

Thing is, there isn’t too much in life that doesn’t benefit the author in one way or another. MSB and I had a great time in Galveston, shopping the Strand and hitting up the museums (pics coming Wednesday), and discovering the culture of a beach town—something that’s always fun for us inlanders. Galveston is a great setting, and I am likely to use it as such in one of my stories.

It’s true, attendance at the event was low and sales were virtually nil. But would I do it again? You bet. Measuring it in means other than sales, I’d say it was a smash hit.

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8 Responses to Road Trip Results

  1. sandy nadeau says:

    Anytime in Galveston is a good time, right?

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  2. Sorry for the disappointment. I’ve had similar experiences. Always a let-down, but it’s usually easy to find the blessings in the contacts made with other authors. I always learn new things.

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  3. Lori Ellis says:

    Good for you! God always has a plan with great results. We are not always prepared for the alternate plan but are blessed for more than we could ever have expected Praise our Almighty God!

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  4. K.M. Weiland says:

    Looks like you still had fun!

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