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10 Responses to Especially for Writers

  1. Love the Mark Twain quotes.


  2. gwynnrogers says:

    I LOVE your quotes!! Great advice too… THANKS!!


  3. Sylvia Stewart says:

    I love your quotes! I wish you had a share button on your blog posts so I could share it on some sites that would love them, too. I do share them from your FB page, though. Hugs


  4. Cecilia Marie Pulliam says:

    Ooh! These are good! I especially like the C.S. Lewis about showing the reader how terrible or delightful something is.


  5. A. Connor Parr says:

    Really enjoying these quotes, Linda; I’d have to say the last one is my favorite.
    Remember me? You signed a copy of ‘Writing in Obedience’ for me at the Nacogdoches Blueberry Festival this year!


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