Fun While It Lasted

Remember that big ol’ speech I gave about using bitly as a marketing analytics tool? Oops.

Problem with it is that it’s been abused—as have other link-shortening tools. Jerks of all kinds provide a link to cover the offensive trash they want you to click on or arrange for you to become a victim of a computer virus. Legitimate sites are fighting back.

LinkedIn exchanges your link for theirs. Pinterest doesn’t allow customized links, and as of today, neither does Facebook. Can Twitter be far behind?

These are the primary sites where I promote my new releases, giveaways, and sales. I don’t know about Instagram and others, but if they follow suit, bitly won’t be of much use for analytics outside your own newsletter, blog, and website.

So, if you read that first post and considered it a wonderful idea, all I can say is, things change. And things in cyberspace change even faster.

But, since I went through so much trouble to develop bitly links, here’s one for you: I have a new giveaway on my website. Check it out!

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7 Responses to Fun While It Lasted

  1. lynnmosher says:

    Hey, Linda! I’m curious about this. I have used bitly for years. I haven’t heard/read anything about this. And all my bitly links are working. I goggled it and only found old posts. Where did you learn about this?   


    • Pertaining to Facebook, Hootsuite posted a warning about it, saying that it’s supposed to go into effect July 17, 2017—today. Pinterest popped a note up at me that they don’t accept customized links, and LinkedIn has always exchanged my links for their own.

      Facebook is the only one I’m taking someone else’s word for, but it makes sense. I’ve been sent to accounts other than what I intended to go to before, so I hope they’re doing something to stop that.


  2. hopeclark says:

    I quit using bitly and tinylink some time ago because I noticed my newsletters bouncing because of them. That’s all I needed to recognize a growing issue. It’s tricky staying on top of things.


  3. Hard to keep on top of it all. However, with generous authors like you sharing their experiences, we gain collective knowledge. Thank you!


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