A Nation to Celebrate

I’m proud of our country. As a nation, we’ve done some pretty amazing things and have come to the aid of downtrodden peoples all over the world. These days, with the redacted history being taught today—where only our sins are being taught, along with mandatory self-loathing and shame—I doubt too many people remember what good we’ve done.

So, I challenge you: Name something you’re proud of America for.

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2 Responses to A Nation to Celebrate

  1. Pegg Thomas says:

    I’m proud that our Founding Fathers were such long-sighted men. They crafted a constitution that has lasted for more than 230 years. They built this country on the Judeo-Christian values system, without a monarchy, based on the idea that men could rule themselves with God’s grace. Revisionists want to remove God from our founding, but reading the original documents clearly shows He was there. 🙂


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