Pamela S. Meyers’s Madeline Island, WI

The Coming Home collection is the second time Pam and I have worked together on a project. She also has a novella in The Bucket List Dare. She’s a terrific lady with a beautiful heart, which she puts on display with everything she writes, including her novella for the Coming Home collection, If These Walls Could Talk. ~~~

From the moment the idea for Coming Home—A Tiny House Collection came up in conversation with the Penwrights, my online writing group, I was ready to jump in. I already had a story plotted that could easily adapt to a tiny house theme, and it took place on Madeline Island, Wisconsin—my dream setting. What’s more, even though a tiny house was not part of the original storyline, I could make it happen seamlessly.

Madeline Island is located approximately two miles across Lake Superior from Bayfield, Wisconsin. It sits in the very northwest corner of the state and a very long distance from my hometown of Lake Geneva in the southeastern corner of the state, which explains why I managed to not be aware of it until a few years ago.

For most of the year, access to the island from Bayfield is provided by ferries large enough to move motor vehicles, as well as people, back and forth. During winter, the water between the island and Bayfield usually freezes solid and is thick enough to allow for cars and small trucks to make the trip on what is dubbed the ice road—a makeshift path as wide as a two-lane road that is marked out by castoff Christmas trees.

You can actually view videos on You Tube of the entire trip, which takes about eight minutes because of the slow speed limit and the trajectory often shifts. Early every morning, several people head out onto the ice to check for weak spots brought about by the shifting water currents below the ice. If necessary, they adjust the road around those weak spots. I’ve seen pictures of cars that have fallen through the ice because the drivers decided to try some off-road shenanigans.

Having grown up near a lake that freezes over almost every winter, I’m accustomed to seeing cars driving out on the ice, and have actually been a passenger a few times. But many people have never done this and thinking about driving a heavy car on a frozen lake freaks them out. That is the plight I put Kia Wikstrom, my heroine, through when she has to drive her large SUV over the ice road to inspect the Victorian house she recently inherited. I had great fun writing the scene, especially the part when Kia hears the ice cracking beneath her tires. She does make it to the island and hopes that’s the end of her troubles. You’ll have to read the story to see if she is right.

I’ve never had the experience of seeing a tiny house in person, but I have watched a lot of shows about them on HGTV. As fascinating as that lifestyle is, I know that permanently living in a tiny house is not for me. However, I could see owning one as a getaway spot for a weekend or as a writer’s hideaway, away from distractions. My one-bedroom condo is about as small as I would want to go.

What about you? Can you see yourself living in a tiny house?


Pamela S. Meyers lives in northern Illinois with her two rescue cats. Her novels include Thyme for Love, Love Finds You in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, Second Chance Love, and Surprised by Love in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Her novellas include: What Lies Ahead, in the The Bucket List Dare collection, and If These Walls Could Talk, in Coming Home: A Tiny House Collection. When she isn’t at her laptop writing her latest novel, she can often be found nosing around Midwestern spots for new story ideas.

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4 Responses to Pamela S. Meyers’s Madeline Island, WI

  1. Nice to meet you, Pamela!
    I used to live in Alexandria, MN and have driven on frozen lakes a few times. I have “Coming Home . . .” on my Kindle and am enjoying it. I’m looking forward to reading your story.


  2. So nice to see you here so early this Memorial Day, Pearl! Yes we northerners in the Midwest know all about driving on frozen lakes don’t we LOL. I am so happy you are enjoying the stories in Coming Home.


  3. I enjoyed the Coming Home collection immensely. Throwing your main character into a winter wonderland with a frozen roadway was a delightful detail an excellent story. Thank you for the little behind the scenes look too. 🙂


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