Chandra Lynn Smith Loves Tiny Houses

The Coming Home collection is Chandra Lynn Smith’s first publication, and she’s so excited, I can see her beaming from here.  She’s an amazing woman with an amazing history, but for us, she’s just another tiny house lover. ~~~~

I love tiny houses. The creativity and beauty of them is impressive.

Four years ago my husband built a pool house from scratch. He used plans he drew up himself. It is about as cute and cozy as it can be. It has electric, an area for two little lofts. Each of our sons has told us he would move into the tiny house in a heartbeat!

Last fall as I began writing The Light Holding Her, my novella for our collection, I actually took my laptop out to the pool house for the ambience and feel as I created my characters and plotted the story.

Would you live in a tiny house? Yes and no. I will admit, I have too much stuff. And honestly, I like a lot of my stuff! We live in a pre-revolutionary war brick farmhouse in which as the picture shows, there is a lot of room for our stuff! It is our dream home and I cannot think of anywhere I would rather live.

But, it would be fun to have a tiny cabin somewhere in the mountains for little getaways.

Would you want a tiny house on wheels or a foundation? We used to have a camper. We wore that camper out taking our sons and dogs on all sorts of excursions. Some of our best family times happened on those trips. For me, camping is camping. It is fun and because I love nature, the best type of vacation. However, if I had a tiny house I would not want it on wheels. I prefer my domicile be stationary.

Where would you want to put it/take it? This brings me back to my novella in our book, Coming Home a Tiny House Collection. The main character in The Light Holding Her, Julia Adkins, lives in a tiny house. Her house is built on stilts in the forest along a mountain lake in West Virginia. I could definitely spend many long weekends in Julia’s tiny treehouse.

And, if you would like to live vicariously through some interesting characters, in challenging situations with real life struggles check out our novella collection.


Chandra Lynn Smith is a 2015 Genesis winner. She writes contemporary fiction filled with inspiration, intrigue, romance, and dogs. Twenty-nine years as a Certified Professional Dog Trainer provides her with a variety of canine characters. Chandra and her husband are the proud parents of four sons and joyous grandparents to the most beautiful granddaughter in the world. They live on a small farm in South Central Pennsylvania. Their house is often filled with their two dogs, all four sons, three fiancés, a granddaughter, any number of friends, and anywhere from four to eight “grand-dogs.”

You can find her at

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2 Responses to Chandra Lynn Smith Loves Tiny Houses

  1. Hi Chandra! 😃 My family took a lot of camper trips when I was growing up, so I can really relate to you with all those wonderful memories.

    You mention a picture that shows your brick farmhouse, but the photo isn’t here. I’d love to see it.



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