He is Risen!


God sent His Son, Jesus, to the earth in human form to reconcile the world to Himself so that whoever believes in Jesus will not perish but have everlasting life. Jesus endured the severe sentence placed upon Him—capital punishment, death on the cross—not because He sinned, but because the world had. Jesus was slain to pay the penalty for a world of lost sinners. His sacrifice applies as much to us in the 21st century (John 17:20) as it did to those who nailed Him to the cross and mocked him.

And for those of us who believe, He showed us what Eternity looks like by rising again from the dead and living even now. His story isn’t just about His death, but His eternal life.

God put Eternity in our hearts (Ecclesiastes 3:11), and Jesus shows us how we can obtain it (John 5:24).

God is not a human who lies, not a mortal who changes his mind. When He says something, He will do it; when He makes a promise, He will fulfill it (Numbers 23:19, Complete Jewish Bible).

Rejoice! He is Risen!

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10 Responses to He is Risen!

  1. Gay Ingram says:

    Just got back from a community sunrise service – yes, He is risen and we live in Him!


  2. gwynnrogers says:

    Yes, God is with us, but I think he would be disheartened with what he sees on earth and how people interpret his word. Of course after what his son experienced, maybe times have not changed. The sun is out here, have a VERY HAPPY EASTER!!


  3. He is risen, indeed!

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  4. Yes! Amen! Have a blessed Easter!


  5. He is risen indeed! 😊 ❤️


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