Want to be a Team Member?


Elizabeth hasn’t been a member of my team for very long. She was so quiet, I wondered if she had actually joined. Then she wrote that she’d been reading through all the posts and was “in awe.”

Made me feel good.

My group, the Caffeine Dream Team, is amazing. I bounce ideas off of them, get them to read scenes or chapters for their feedback, have them edit and proofread for me—whatever I need, they’re there to help me. They also help me with promotions during ad campaigns, which alone is worth my undying gratitude. They see everything first, know everything first, and learn things about me that I share with no one else in cyberspace.

If you’re a writer, getting a team—what’s been dubbed a “street team”—is a must. Teams are composed of people who are dedicated to you and your work. They’re enthusiastic, supportive, and encouraging. This job is hard, marketing is a challenge. Having a team eases the burden.

My team is by invitation only, and it’s composed of those who have read at least one of my novels. That’s the only real requirement; being a lover of caffeinated beverages is optional. Do you qualify? Are you interested? Let me know. I’d love to have you on my team!

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Author/Freelance Editor/Speaker (writing and editing topics).
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7 Responses to Want to be a Team Member?

  1. Gay Ingram says:

    Would love to join the team, Linda but….for now, there just isn’t any spare time to give you. Maybe when the home situation changes.


  2. Ah, a team. I am proud to be a member of your team! As for one of my own? I have no idea how to begin one or who to ask. So, for the moment I will concentrate on writing and gleaning all that I can from you, Katie, and Lynnette. You three are my inspiration to keep working, not to mention great sources of information! 😀


  3. Jane says:

    Ironic you should post this today, as today’s Writer Unboxed blog is very similar. He talks about having an accountability partner. I’m praying about that even as I type.


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