The 2017 Insanity

Dealing With EmailThis year has been so disorganized. Off-schedule. Odd.

For instance, I’m writing my Monday post at 4:30 p.m. CST instead of 5:00 a.m. CST. Last week, I didn’t have a post for Wednesday at all. I’ve neglected social media only partly because of all the socio-political meanness. The primary reason is that I can’t get organized.

And one of the reasons I can’t get organized is because I’ve been sleeping late. Well, late for me anyway. Take this morning. I got up at 7. Not bad for a normal person, but for someone accustomed to waking at 4 and having both my Bible study and the bulk of my cyberspace duties performed by 7, the time is way off and driving me nuts. I have no idea why my internal clock decided to betray me now. Once I got used to it, I liked waking at 4. Now I feel like half the day is wasted by the time the coffee finishes brewing.

Another reason for my disorganization falls into the category of “good news/bad news,” and requires a little background.

Those of you who know me and have kept up with this blog for a long time know about my battle with Crohn’s disease and my remission with the Humira injections. You also know that remission resulted in weight gain, and that I’ve been resolving almost annually to lose weight and exercise. And, almost annually, I have failed within the first two weeks of January. Don’t know whether I’ve confessed that before, but there ya go. Until recently, the best I could say about myself is that I’d stopped gaining.

This year, I got into something different through my church: FirstPlace4Health. It’s a holistic approach to a lifestyle change that reaches you spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. I tend to focus on the spiritual through the Bible study and the physical through the diet (that I’m not supposed to call a diet, but hey—we watch calorie intake and portion size and measure our food. If it walks like a duck . . .).

The best aspect about this approach is the accountability. Each week, I’m weighed and required to recite our memory verse, then attend a class on healthy eating, followed by a weekly Bible study recap of our morning studies. I even have a prayer partner who knows exactly what I’m going through.

The downside is that all this has a bit of a learning curve. One of the reasons I’ve never been successful at dieting is because I don’t know how. I’ve never had to. But it’s amazing how much weight you can gain when you’re healthy enough to retain all those calories you consume. I’ve enjoyed learning everything I’ve learned so far and I’ve enjoyed revamping some of my recipes to make them healthier. However, it’s amazingly time-consuming, and it’s taking the place of other things—like writing.

Not everyone who reads this today—if they get this far—is going to care that I’m doing remarkably well on this “diet,” or that I don’t have too much farther to go to reach my goal, or that this is the longest I’ve ever kept a resolution (one of those New Year’s things I never admit to making). But if you’re wondering why my posts have been haphazard of late, well, now you know.

Despite my new hours and my outside interests, I hope to figure out how my schedule is going to work in 2017. I won’t have Ride to the Altar written by my self-imposed deadline  if I can’t concentrate on writing, so I’m praying I get all this figured out soon.

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12 Responses to The 2017 Insanity

  1. gwynnrogers says:

    Linda, I CONGRATULATE you on doing so well on your diet. Dieting is HARD for too. Dealing with Crohn’s disease is not fun. My heart goes out to you. I can relate to what you are going through as I have to have my right hip replaced this Wednesday. It hurts to sit at the computer, so my brain does not operate well in PAIN!! Take GOOD care of yourself… that is your priority!


    • Hip replacement isn’t fun, but I’ll tell ya—not three months after Mom had hers replaced, she was climbing up a mountain path in Alaska. She had both hips replaced and has been thankful for it. Just behave and do as your physical therapist says!

      I’ll keep you in my prayers!

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      • gwynnrogers says:

        I want to be moving and grooving way sooner than three months. I MISS my walks along the waterfront enjoying the scenery and talking to people and petting their dogs… my JOY in life since I caregive for my husband. Thanks for your prayers! I’ll keep you in my prayers too!


  2. hopeclark says:

    Praying for you, girlfriend. You’re a hard working lady, and for you to be off your game means it’s a struggle for you. But kudos on making strides, and hopes that you regain your schedule.


  3. That’s awesome, Linda! Really excited for you. Nothing’s better than finally finding the system that *works* for you.


  4. I don’t have your health issues, but I completely relate to the ‘if I focus on one thing, everything else seems to not get done’ aspect of your post. Dieting does that because you’re having to pay such close attention to so many details of life.

    I will keep you and your struggle to balance things out in prayer. 🙏

    God bless you! 😊


  5. annetteohare says:

    I’m so proud of you, Linda! I have struggled for years with my weight. I always thought people with Crohn’s were supposed to be skinny and malnourished, not fat and sassy like myself. Last year I learned there are many, many others with Crohn’s who suffer with obesity just like myself. I know your struggle and you know what I finally did to resolve it. Since January of 2016 I’ve lost 71 pounds and I’m so happy about the decision I made. Yes, I still have flare ups and I still have some joint pain, but I have 71 pounds less pressure on my poor old joints! I thank God for walking with me through this journey. He is good all the time!

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