2016 Book Faves

I noticed that I’d set my reading goal at twelve books for 2016. And that’s exactly the number I read, according to my list. Goodreads has me at ten, but I think I forgot to date and review a couple.

Here’s the run-down of titles:

Flora’s Wish, Kathleen Y’Barbo, Historical Romance

Carlotta’s Legacy, Betty Owens, 1920s Historical Romance

Shadowed by Grace, Cara Putman, WWII Historical Romance

Love, Stock, and Barrel, Crystal Barnes, Historical Western Romance

Searching for Grace Kelly, Michael Callahan, Historical Women’s Fiction (mainstream)

Side by Side, Jana Kelley, Women’s Fiction

The Lazarus File, Donn Taylor, International Mystery/Crime/Espionage

Lie Catchers, Paul Bishop, Mystery/Crime/Police Procedural (mainstream)

Waking Beauty, Sarah E. Morin, Fantasy

Mind Writer, Lisa Gefrides and Mike Lynch, Spec-Fic/Sci-Fi

StormingK.M. Weiland, Spec-Fic/Deisel Punk

The CallHarbingers, Vol 1, Bill Myers, Spec-Fic, Supernatural

Among my favorites in this list are Flora’s Wish, Searching for Grace Kelly, and Mind Writer, but the 2016 winner has to be Waking BeautyThe story still occupies my mind as I sift through the allegory and symbolism. It’s an amazing book. I hope you include it on your 2017 list!


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4 Responses to 2016 Book Faves

  1. Great list! I have recently joined and set my challenge for 2017. It’s a great thing to do and your post has spurred me on!


  2. K.M. Weiland says:

    Woohoo! You go! Good for you for reaching your goal. I didn’t. :p


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