Writing: Gotta Love It

SinkingEver have one of those writing sessions where everything goes right and your fingers are flying and your mind is on fire with ideas and great prose and sweaty-palm tension?

If your answer is yes, I’m jealous.

After several months of pushing aside my writing in favor of client edits, I thought I’d be chomping at the bit to work with the creative side of my brain for a while. And I was—am. But apparently, I’m rusty. After yesterday’s session, I figure I’d do better if I dumped my computer in the pond and started selling wilted roses at highway intersections.

There are days when the joy of writing bubbles forth from the champagne bottle of sparkling words and heady inspiration. And then there are days like yesterday. What’s a girl to do?

Well, first I decided to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a glass of chocolate milk, giving in to the childish side of me who really wanted to lay on the floor and throw a hissy-fit. As I spread the strawberry jam on 7-grain bread (the only adult thing about this scenario), I continued sulking over my failed writing session.

Then, as I dug out the chunky Jiff, I realized what was wrong with my piece. No tension. No conflict. Lots of description of the scene and characters, a little feeble humor, but nothing to drive the reader deeper into the story.

The good news is, I knew just how to fix it.

What should I say is the moral of this story? Menial tasks spur creativity? Never quit? Give in to your PB&J cravings? Hissy-fits are counterproductive (not to mention unseemly) for anyone over six?

Who knows. I figured out the problem. I’m happy. I turned a bad writing day into a good one. Feel free to come up with the moral yourself.

Writing. Gotta love it.


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10 Responses to Writing: Gotta Love It

  1. I can so relate. Ruminating on a scene while doing something else seems to break through the fog.


  2. Yes, stepping away from the computer seems to work for me too. Walking seems to help, always has since I can remember. As often as I walk off frustration, you would think I would be thinner… Yet, I still have too much to lose, and from your comment, you evidently still have a bit of cleaning left. Odd how that works. We all know writing is hard work. I personally don’t know anyone who fits your opening scene. Maybe that is someone’s fiction. 😉


  3. stelthgrandma says:

    Linda – I enjoy your blog. What Platform do you use?


  4. My moral to the story, you write when you’re ready to write. That’s why you’re happy. LOL


  5. Creative lollygagging! Never fails. Plus it’s fun. 😀

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