10 Responses to Metadata Confusion

  1. Gay Ingram says:

    Sorry Linda, but even your explanation left me confused. I suspect when my brain heard the unfamiliar phrase “metadata”, it just automatically shut down and refused to assimilate. I gotta work on this.

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  2. I’ve spent a frustrating week trying to come up with 7 keyword phrases to incorporate into my description. I can write a book, but I can’t write a 700 word page with keyword phrases. 😦


  3. Cass Wessel says:

    Ditto here, Linda. Left her talk with my brain jumbled. If learning to write, edit, and proofread was tough, the mathematics challenged portion of my mind went, “You said what? Metadata? Is that some sort of extinct dinosaur?” Just call me clueless here in northwestern Pennsylvania. Great chatting with you in Nashville. Blessings, Cass


  4. lesleyannmc says:

    It sounds like Hallee needs to teach a follow-up class!


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