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Got this in my email recently:

Hi, Linda. I got your contact information off the WOTS blog. If you’re not the right person to contact, please accept my apologies. 

First of all, bless you and your chapter for fostering what is sometimes an overlooked art form. As an editor and a Christian I’m sometimes dismayed at how little encouragement writers of faith get from the faith community. Like the visual and performing arts, writing can and should be a great ministry for the glory of God.

That’s why we recently started a new literary journal called Greater Sum. Greater Sum is a journal of prose and faith meant to help cultivate and encourage the (growing) community of Christian writers with specific emphasis on fiction and creative & narrative nonfiction. While there are outlets for Christian creative writing—especially poetry—there simply aren’t many active journals publishing Christian fiction & nonfiction. We want to fix that. Writers are a tremendous asset to the church, and story is one of the great art and teaching forms.

I’m a decade into a career as an editor, but most of my work has been direct with authors or for organizations. I get tremendous joy out of helping writers one-on-one and through the classes I teach at libraries, conferences, seminars, etc. But it’s time to do more with my experience in publishing and editing, and I’m excited to help foster contemporary Christian prose writers.

I hope you’ll pass on our information to your writing group if there are writers actively seeking publication, and I will happily answer any questions you or writers have. Our website is Thank you very much for your time.

Marcus Corder
Greater Sum: A Journal of Prose and Faith

This is the journal’s debut year, so they aren’t able to pay yet, but hey–writing creds are writing creds! They add up. Hope to read something you’ve written in their journal soon!

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8 Responses to New Christian Literary Journal

  1. I received this email to. Except he said he got my name from Word Weavers. WW doesn’t give out their mailing list. Eva Marie Everson, president of Word Weavers International knew nothing about this. Apparently, she did not receive an email. She had no comment either way about this notification and admitted she had no time to investigate it. I deleted it and did not pass it on. Maybe, I’m crazy but there was something off in this letter. If this turns out to be a good lead after all let me know.


  2. Gay Ingram says:

    Thanks for sharing, Linda. Will share with my groups.


  3. Linda, I just discovered this journal this month–quite a while after you wrote this post, which I also just discovered. Greater sum now has their first issue out from earlier this year, and is accepting submissions through July for their fall issue. It looks good to me and I’m planning on submitting one of my stories. In the mean time, I’ll take a stroll around your website. I’m looking to make some new Christian fiction connections!


    • Great to meet you, Gene! If you’re looking for some Christian Fiction connections, look into American Christian Fiction Writers ( or ACFW is a professional organization complete with membership dues (well worth it), but christianwriters, a free site last I looked, is where I got my start. Both great groups.


      • Great meeting you too, Linda. I’ve looked into ACFW and would love to join, but in this season I’m short on time and money (We have a young one and a busy home). I hope to check that out one day. I’ll definitely check out the other site. Thanks again!


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