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6 Responses to Especially for Writers

  1. I need to copy the John Steinbeck quote for the days I want to throw everything in the trash and walk away…. Thank you for another round of thought provoking and encouraging quotes. ❤


    • Yeah, the Steinbeck post spoke to me too. I grapple with it all the time. The little stories I write are irrelevant in the long run. I wish I could writing something earth-shaking, world-awakening, but I haven’t yet, and I don’t see it happening in my foreseeable future.

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  2. Oh, yes! I love that top quote. My new motto!


  3. tawnheritage says:

    I appreciate these quotes, especially the first two! Wednesday you had some helpful proofreading tips, just as I was proofreading my writing-group leader’s manuscript. I’m new to this blog and it is on-target for me.


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