Celebrate, America!

I hope everyone had a marvelous weekend. We’re still recuperating from ours. Such a wonderful time! Nothing says “July 4th!” better than food and family!

Now, for the leftovers! Every year, our fridge is filled to overflowing with barbecued meats and all the sides. Sets my diet back a little, but you’ll never hear me complain. Sniff a little, maybe, as my clothes start feeling tight again, but I won’t complain!

Love to all! Enjoy your holiday!

Don’t forget: The Final Ride releases tomorrow! Woo-hoo!!!!

Look for me this week!


Tuesday, July 5: Ane Mulligan’s Southern-fried Fiction–discover why I so desperately need the course on writing a series being taught at the ACFW Conference this summer!

Tuesday, July 5: Interview on Novel RocketCatch the transcript of Patricia’s interview with Jimmy Guffey of KPLR–Praise the Lord for Rodeo Radio! You’ll get to discover first-hand what a Texan like Jimmy thinks of having a Yankee in the house!

Wednesday, July 6: Catherine Castle’s Romance for the Ages

Friday, July 8: Speaking engagement with ETWA in Longview, Texas

Saturday, July 9: attending the East Texas Writers Guild Conference, Tyler, Texas

Tuesday, July 12: Betty Thomason Owens’s blog

Thursday, July 14: Pamela S. Meyer’s blog

Friday, July 15: Norma Gail’s 2Me from Him

Monday, July 18: Speaking engagement in Franklin, Texas

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4 Responses to Celebrate, America!

  1. Happy 4th! Except for our exuberant neighbors, our holiday will be quiet. Last night I imagined I was aboard ship with Francis Scott Key. Two more days of celebration and I will have a full night’s sleep again. However, I am very thankful for the freedom this holiday represents and I am only mildly complaining. Overall I have good neighbors, and the few holidays they go a bit overboard is a small sacrifice. However, this year I can nap in the afternoon and not worry about functioning at work on the 5th. 😁


  2. Joan Vanden Noven says:

    Happy 4th of July. I know you always look forward to your family at your home. Instead of relaxing afterwards you are keeping super busy!


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