Pat and Talon–Through Katie’s Eyes

Katie croppedWhen Patricia Talbert first met Katie Pierson, her immediate response was pure jealousy. A natural reaction, considering Katie wrapped herself around Talon Carlson like sparkly Christmas paper.

But Katie, Chance Davis, and Talon have history together, having been raised in the same town and participating in the same rodeos. Katie calls them — and everyone on the Circle Bar Ranch — “horsehide kinfolk.” Her appearance on the scene may have come as a surprise to Patricia and Marie, but it was inevitable.

Despite the rough beginning, though, Patricia and Katie became good friends — especially now that Katie runs Marie Lambeau Davis’s store, the Quad-B, while Marie is on her honeymoon. Without Katie around, Patricia would have a hard time putting up with Aunt Adele.

Talon and PatKatie was aware of Patricia’s jealousy, especially when she danced a polka with him, something they’d done together for years. But she was also aware of how Talon looked at Patricia. He hadn’t looked at a woman like that since his first love, Janet, died eight years before.

When Janet was murdered, Talon withdrew, perpetually enveloped in a black cloud. He spoke of it with only a few, and Katie was one of his confidantes. After her horse rolled over her during a barrel racing event, Talon spent hours with her while she was in the hospital, telling her about Janet and the dreams they’d had.

Then Patricia came to Texas, and Katie — and everyone on the ranch — watched Talon come to life again. Although Pat had hang-ups of her own, she was good for him.

Time has proven Katie’s assessment right, though the two still have a lot to work out. For instance, is Talon and Pat’s love for each other strong enough to overcome a broken promise? Only one way to find out . . .

Read all about life and love on the Circle Bar Ranch.

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6 Responses to Pat and Talon–Through Katie’s Eyes

  1. pamelameyers says:

    I just finished reading The Final Ride yesterday and I loved it. I loved the characters and the ranch life Linda presents in such detail that you feel as though your are an unseen visitor there. And, being a bull riding fan, I particularly loved the narrative and the scenes about that.

    When a story starts out with the hero and heroine already being engaged you might think, ‘so where is the romance here?’ Well, let me tell you, there’s a lot of bumpy road for Patricia and Talon to cover yet in their rather short relationship before any “I do’s” will be said…or will they???

    Great job Linda!!!

    You don’t have to read Book 1 to enjoy this story. I did read it, but a lot of I had forgotten because I read a lot of books and it’s difficult to remember all the plots after a time. Linda provides enough of the backstory in small doses. Having said that, if you haven’t yet read Give the Lady a Ride, get that book too and double your enjoyment. I can’t wait for the third installment of this series to come out!


  2. Your title threw me there for a sec. :p


  3. Love this character too! You have done a great job on all of them. They all seem so real. 😊


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