My 2015 Book List

According to Goodreads, these are the books I read in 2015. So far as I know, it’s right. Should be. Ever since last year, when I discovered they did this, I’ve tried to list every title I read.



last family standing

I know a lot of people read more than I do, but in my defense, I read and edit a lot of manuscripts. Doesn’t leave me much time for pleasure reading. Still, I don’t think my summary is too bad . . .


Book of the year, as according to this list? Hands down, it’s God Haterby Bill Meyers. What an intricately woven story! Add it to your 2016 list–your January 1, 2016 list!

I’m ready to start another year of reading, aren’t you?

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2 Responses to My 2015 Book List

  1. Oh yes. Can’t imagine not having a book to read. Every evening, at least an hour before bedtime, I put away the computer, turn off the TV (usually movies since we don’t have cable or satellite), and read. Of course, I take my Kindle in the car and take advantage of other times to read. Here’s to another great year of writing and reading! And a host of other wonderful blessings!


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