Review: 50 Days of Hay

50 daysI met this author and his wife at the Gathering of Authors in Texarkana not long ago. He’s not really a fiction writer; he’s an expert in human resources, leadership, management–things like that. And I have to admit, you can tell 50 Days of Hay  wasn’t written by a fiction writer. Greg defies basic paragraph and dialogue structure, frequently ignores grammar–things like verb tense agreement and proper pronoun usage–and just plain ol’ boggles the mind with the way he writes.

But let me tell ya: This is one of the best desperately-needs-to-be-edited books I’ve read in a long time. And, seeing as how I’m delving more into country/ranch writing, it’s right up my alley.

Sixteen-year-old Baxter has become too much for his mom to handle, with his drugs and alcohol and careless, dangerous living, so Mom decides to send him to the farm for the summer. He goes–doesn’t want to, but he does–and he’s hell-bent on making everyone miserable.

But it’s amazing what wise, loving grandparents and fifty days of hay can do to an angry young man.

I highly recommend this story. Just be prepared to do a lot of overlooking.

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2 Responses to Review: 50 Days of Hay

  1. Gay Ingram says:

    Love your subtle phrasing – “one of the best desperately-needs-to-be-edited books”


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