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10 Responses to Especially for Writers

  1. Gay Ingram says:

    like the one about decomposing.


  2. I agree about the decomposing story ideas, and would add in the one from Hemingway as well. Now that I’m duly inspired, I’m off for my second cup of coffee and to see if that scene I wrote yesterday makes any better sense today. Thanks for the giggles, Linda.


  3. That Steve Carell one is funny–even though I don’t really relate. 😉


  4. Pearl R. Meaker says:

    Now I know where my brain-rot comes from! 😉


  5. These are priceless!


    • Hey, Pegg! You can do an on-site search for “Especially for Writers”–I do these every Friday. I thought I’d do them until I ran out. Funny how I can’t seem to run out! Always finding them!


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