v1I feel certain most people have more exciting vacations than we do. Go to more exotic places, engage in more thrilling activities, create more intense memories. We’re quieter people. From our home in the woods by the pond in East Texas, we drove an hour or so north to a cabin in the woods by a pond in East Texas. “How can that possibly be a vacation?” you ask. Well, let’s start with the idea that I don’t have to clean it. The company can’t reach MSB, because there are no phones. Cell service stinks. WiFi doesn’t exist. In other words, we got to drop off the planet for a few days. And it was heaven.

v2 v3 v6 v7

Our goal was to spend as much time fishing as possible. Nothing big, mind you, though the pond boasted some super-sized bass. We wanted to engage in some lazy fishing. Bobber on a line, wiggling worm on the hook. Bream, sunfish, blue-gill. Pan fish. That’s about the speed we wanted. Trading in our hotrods for a bicycle built for two. The first day, we struck it big with the little guys, but before long, the turtles figured out what we were up to.

The second day, we were catching a little of both–fish and turtles. The third day, the little guys gave up and let the turtles have the hooks. Wouldn’t be so bad if I knew what to do with one once I caught it. Loggerheads. Snappers. I think the Cajuns a little farther east know how to turn them into a soup (a great soup, too, I might add), but all I could do is get frustrated with them. Finally I hooked a plastic purple worm on my line and tried for the bass. After watching my success, MSB did the same. We caught some small ones, eight to twelve inches. We’d have to throw big ones back. By the time we were done, we had enough for  dinner.

This is what the pond looked like in the evenings:

v10 v11 v12

That’s when we spent time inside–with the tiny 10″ TV attached to an antenna.

v4 v5

We rested. We bonded. We escaped for a while. Next time, we plan to escape to Branson, but for now, this was just what we needed. Anyone interested can book a cabin or a hunting trip with Jason and Teresa Bonner at the Busy B Ranch in Jefferson, Texas. Go to their website: or call 903-665-7448.

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14 Responses to Vacay!

  1. anemulligan says:

    That looks a little like Heaven to me.


    • You’d probably love the little historic town of Jefferson, too. It has a population of just over 2000, but it’s a lively and lovely little thing. Several years ago, *Texas Highways* dubbed it the “most romantic town in Texas.”


  2. Lynn Mosher says:

    Yay for rest and relaxation! Ahhh, peace! 😀


  3. Joan Vanden Noven says:

    Just reading your post made me relax.


  4. lynnettebonner says:

    Looks like the perfect writer’s get-away!


    • It would be. I could see myself writing there, but part of the “vacay deal” was that I’d leave work at home. I’m tempted to rent one for a week just for me to write. 🙂


  5. Pearl R. Meaker says:

    I need to find something like that here in Illinois! It sounds wonderful 🙂 Glad you both had a soothing vacation.


  6. ceciliamariepulliam says:

    That’s Bill’s and my idea of a vacation! We go one step further, and take our RV out and boondock wherever we find a good place, usually along a creek or river, sometimes a lake. Love the quiet and the beautiful vistas. Your cabin looks perfect and can’t complain about the view. Ah fresh fish dinner! My favorite. Glad you had a chance for some serious R&R!


  7. pat says:



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