Cabin Update

April 2015

Had to show you what the farm looked like in the spring. When you drive through the gate, you’re on a hill covered with rye grass and summer hay, so everything from the hill is down and away. With the trees in full green, you can see only two of the four ponds visible in winter, but hey–I’m not complaining.

hill looking back toward the gateThis is on the hill looking back toward the gate (which you can’t see). The trees in the distance are also ours, but they’re down the hill and across a meadow from us. Which reminds me. I should get a picture of the meadow for you. It’s lovely.

Billy and John 1Here’s MSB and his brother being silly together. BIL is doing the carpentry inside, and his grandson did the wiring for the cabin. Isn’t it great to have such a talented family?

bathroom skeleton This is the framework for the bathroom/closet space. ย Not sure you really needed to see it, but, well . . . there ya go. Moving on.Billy and John 3In this pic of the man being silly, you can see pretty much the entire cabin. I’m in what will be the bedroom, with the bath to my right. MSB is in what we will laughingly call “the great room,” and beyond him will be the kitchen/dining room. The entire cabin is 476 SF, so you can whisper “coffee’s ready” from the kitchen and wake the dead in the bedroom.

We haven’t quite figured out what to do with the loft space yet. It’s too low for much of anything except storage. We played with the idea of throwing mattresses up in them and putting railings around them and letting the grandkids sleep up there.ย Haven’t decided yet.

Anyway, next comes the insulation, walls, and ceiling, and after that, the floor. We have the place wired to run off a generator once everything is set up. Eventually, we’ll have electricity on the place, but meanwhile the entire cabin can run off the generator. Having an actual functioning kitchen and bathroom are still down the road a ways, but I can cook with crockpots and electric woks during the weekends we’ll be there, and the hubs is king of the bbq grill, so it’s not like we’ll starve. Besides, some of the best in country and Polish cooking is just down the road.

If the weather will cooperate, we should be able to have it done enough to move in some furniture before long. Then we’ll see how good my measurements were–will everything I want to set up and store in the little shed actually fit? Inquiring minds want to know.

We’ll see.


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14 Responses to Cabin Update

  1. ceciliamariepulliam says:

    Your square footage is just a little over a hundred more than our RV. We have 300 sq. feet in it with the slides. Small spaces with such a fantastic view have a lot more going for them than a huge house with no view and no yard. Beautiful, Linda. Simply beautiful. I’d live there in a small cabin (or shed) in a heart beat.


    • This will be a fun little place to live in while we wait for the house to be built and for weekend trips between now and then. I can’t wait to wake up there and have coffee on the porch.


  2. I’m so excited for you Linda. ENVIOUS – but excited. You’re gonna love having that view – no doubt about it! Hugs.


    • Totally love that view. Once we put the house in, that view will be blocked for the cabin, but the house will have a huge screened-in porch and a large grilling porch over looking the same view. Who cares what the rest of the house looks like?!


  3. jenlhall63 says:



  4. Lisa Grace says:

    You’re going Tiny House Nation!
    We have a cabin in WI (400 sq.ft.) that we live in for up to a month at a time. It has a full kitchen, fold out breakfast bar for eating, fold out coach in living room acts as a second bedroom, a small bedroom, and a tiny bath with a stand up shower (no tub). and no loft area. It’s wired and plumbed, and is insulated for summer and winter. We get Wifi, so I can work.
    We have to limit our personal belongings to one medium size suitcase each, which we store under the bed. I love it.
    Our *real* house isn’t much bigger. It’s only 1,100 sq. ft. The trick is to make sure you have what you need, keep decorating minimal, and pare down on seasonal stuff as there is little storage and it must go more toward needs.

    I’m so happy for you as it seems like you are having fun.


    • I’m discovering little tricks like that–wall sconces instead of tables with lamps, for instance. Eventually I want to do the kitchen like you’d see on a sail boat or RV. A table surrounded by benches that can be turned into a bed, and storage space under the benches. We’ll see how that goes, though.


  5. anemulligan says:

    I definitely think a writers regret should be in the future there!! ๐Ÿ™‚


    • I sure hope you meant “retreat” and were a victim of auto-correct! ๐Ÿ˜€
      I’ve toyed with the idea of using it as my writer’s cabin once the house is built. Use the bedroom side for all the office equipment and the office side for sitting and writing. It’s definitely something to consider. Writers would be welcome, of course!


  6. K.M. Weiland says:

    Gorgeous! This is just how I imagine Patricia’s ranch looking.


    • Oh, I wish I could upload the pics of the ranch I based the Circle Bar on. That was the ranch my mom’s parents owned. It was incredible. Broke our hearts when we had to sell it. Far more rugged than this and well over five hundred acres larger. ๐Ÿ˜€


  7. Pearl R. Meaker says:

    I can’t hardly imagine living that tiny, but I know more and more folks are trying it. And, if I’m remembering right, it’s only until you get something bigger built. Still, it looks so cute!.


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