Idling with Kathleen Y’Barbo Turner

idle hoursOne of the sweetest people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet is fellow Texas Aggie, Kathleen Y’Barbo Turner, the most prolific author of our alma mater. We chat on Facebook occasionally, sharing “gig’ems” whenever our team is doing great, but I got to hug her neck at last year’s ACFW conference, and she is every bit as nice as I thought she’d be.

I bought Idle Hours for my Kindle and finished it recently while waiting for various doctor appointments. The novella is a sweet romance, a quick read that gave me an idea of Kathleen’s writerly voice, which I love. Her sense of humor shows through her work.

As is true with most of the novellas I’ve read so far, the story seemed a bit rushed toward the end, but I enjoyed it. Just wait until you read how Ben Carson proposes to Lia Stephanos! How cute!

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