Guess What I Got?!

cabin 2

I promised in my article, “Merry Christmas to Me” that I’d post pictures of my best-ever Christmas present. Well–here ya go, my 14′ x 34′ cabin!
cabin 4 cabin 5 cabin 7 cabin 8 cabin 9

I love this cabin. It’s a shell right now, so I’m like a kid with a dollhouse, planning how we’re going to finish it out and decorate it. We’ll have a few years to work on it before we live there while our house is being built on the farm, and I’m looking forward to each stage. What I’m really looking forward to is showing y’all what it looks like in the spring. It’s such a beautiful area. Can’t wait to see it surrounded by green again!

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8 Responses to Guess What I Got?!

  1. Joan Vanden Noven says:

    How cute is that!! We enjoy watching Tiny Houses on TV and it is amazing how they are able to live in small quarters and yours is larger. You will have fun decorating!! Looking forward to more pictures in the Spring and also of the interior. Yes, it is a wonderful Christmas for you and hubby!!


  2. libertyspeidel says:

    Neat! I’ll bet finishing the interior won’t be as hard as you think, other than putting in the plumbing. A couple weeks worth of work maybe, in that small of a place. 😉


  3. Pearl R. Meaker says:

    That is so cute! I’m looking forward to following your progress on getting it ready to live in! 🙂


  4. What a fun project! There are several books out there on designing for small houses – might check the library for some inspiration. If you put it on piers and add stairs, you can make a covered parking and storage area below. (Like many beach houses that allow for very high tides.) Is it polite to ask you the price of this cabin? Keep us pictorially posted as you go!


    • Such great ideas, Kimberly! Actually, I don’t know how much it cost originally. It was a repo. Whoever bought it never even moved it from the lot, so we got it for under $10k, plus they moved it 150 miles and leveled and anchored it at no extra cost. It was a heckuva deal.


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