First Monday!

I don’t know how many times I’ve written that I love Mondays–particularly “First Mondays.” First Monday after my birthday, first Monday of the month, first Monday of the year. They’re all “do-over” days. New beginnings. Erase the slate and start again.

First Monday of the year is one of my favorite firsts. I like it better than New Year’s Day, except when that day lands on Monday. New Year’s Day is a holiday–still connected with the Christmas holidays. Actually, it’s still connected to Thanksgiving. After Thanksgiving, we’re all just counting down to Christmas. The days in between are scratched off and recounted: We have X number of days till Christmas! New Year’s Day celebrates the new countdown: 364 days till Christmas!

First Monday of the year, though, is strictly business. The holidays are over. It’s time to knuckle down, go back to work, get things done. See if we can actually keep all those resolutions we spent the past week making.

It’s solemn.

It’s serious.

It’s the start of a year-long drudge.

So, to lighten up the mood, I going to celebrate First Monday with a giveaway!

First Monday Giveaway

I wrote three novels last year, and I’m giving one away by the end of the week. To find out more, join me on my Facebook fan page (and while you’re there, feel free to hit “like”!).

Entry starts today, and the drawing will be Friday! Hope to see your name on the list!

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Author/Freelance Editor/Speaker (writing and editing topics).
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4 Responses to First Monday!

  1. —-good luck with your new year Linda—-happiness with your Mondays—for me they will have to be Tuesdays since Mondays were banned in house a while ago! Cheers. Mark


  2. This is so much fun! Great idea.


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