I need a tour inside the brain of an organized person, followed by a YouTube how-to video and a guidebook. Maybe then I could understand how to do everything in a calm and orderly fashion and actually get it done. I’m not organized in the best of times, and when a holiday is added, things around here are more scrambled than eggs for a frittata, and usually the results aren’t nearly as good.

Between my natural inclination for procrastination and this being The Man’s time of year, I find I’m scrambling to get things done. Business activities, such as keeping up with my blog posts, are sacrificed for holiday activities and MSB’s vacation days. We’re gone as often as we’re home, and when I get those few precious days to myself, I don’t always use the time wisely.

Add to that all the things that go wrong because some little demon doesn’t believe this time of year is stressful enough. Like, just this morning, I discovered that the display on my oven is out, and without it, I can’t tell what the temp is or set the timer or see the time. Why would they put a digital display on an oven anyway? Whatever happened to just painting the numbers on the dial–whatever happened to dials? This double-oven we bought not five years ago is yet another one of the items adding to our ever-deepening sense of buyer’s remorse. But that’s a whole other story. Let’s just say that baking is going to be quite the challenge until I get that sucker fixed.

Malfunctioning oven-displays aside, the primary problem I have at this time of year is simply not using my time effectively.

It may be too early to start a list of New Year’s resolutions (something I swear every year I’m not going to do), but it doesn’t hurt to think about it (because I know I’m going to regardless of what I’ve sworn), and I think #1 on the list is to keep a more comprehensive calendar. If I had absolutely everything pertaining to MSB, Mom, family, church, and business all on a single event calendar, maybe I’ll be better at anticipating trouble spots and planning for known events–events that simply don’t cross my mind when I’m looking at a different calendar. This should be an easy resolution to keep. During 2014, I actually kept up with my calendars. That’s the first step, isn’t it? (Feel free to applaud.)

I have no idea why I didn’t think of this earlier, other than the fact that this is not the kind of thing I think of. Being organized occurs only in July, when I know that we’re going to have a semi-truck load of family over here expecting to be fed. It’s an annual event, as are the winter holidays and MSB’s vacation days, so why I can prepare for July 4 but not for November 1 through December 31 is beyond me.

What’s fun, if anything about being disorganized can be classified as fun, is discovering that I’ve actually accomplished things in the midst of all the chaos. I actually have done almost all the Christmas stuff I meant to do, except for the baking, which will come closer to The Day, assuming my oven gets fixed. I guess if it doesn’t, I’ll just have to wing it. The cards are sent, the presents are bought and awaiting gift wrap and bows, and the hubs has his list of stuff to do. In fact, virtually everything having to do with vacation and holidays is done.

The business end of my life, however, is suffering. Witness the tardiness of this post, though I should be accustomed to not having my Monday post up by 6 a.m. like I’m supposed to because I’m not organized enough to preschedule it. And to think, in 2015 I’m planning to contribute to more blogs and start a new one dedicated to women with elderly parents.

So, New Year Resolution #1 is to get organized, but to make it an achievable goal, #1(a) is to coordinate my calendars. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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11 Responses to Disorganization

  1. K.M. Weiland says:

    Having a master calendar/schedule really helped me. There’s only so much you can hold in your brain at once!


  2. RobbyeFaye says:

    Oh, Linda, I feel your pain. I am the most organized disorganized person I know! Throw into that mix an adult daughter (that did just visit daily and enumerate all my failings, but she now had to move back home, but that’s another story for another day with more than 24 hours!) with OCD compounded by OCD, well, I think you can see the picture!

    I will pray for you. The stresses of perfectionist failings!

    Merry Christmas.

    God’s Blessings!!!!!!!


  3. Joanne Sher says:

    I have only two calendars – one on the wall (one of those ones that has a slot for every day for every person) and one on my Kindle Fire. So far, it is working for me (except when I forget to sync them, of course LOL).

    You can do it, my friend! (And by the way, your Monday post isn’t late until Tuesday. I SAID so!) 😉


  4. Gay Ingram says:

    Hey! Your Monday post arrived on Monday…so what else do you want?


  5. Ah best intentions, those are my downfall. I try to cram too much into too little time, believing if I just organize everything more tightly I can do it all. Until, as you stated, some imp throws in a clinker (like a partially working oven in your case, or trying to keep up with two positions at work because a co-worker left and they haven’t found her replacement yet and the fatigue causes everything to take longer than I expect. ***Takes deep breath***. I need to lighten up on the organization and make time to just enjoy the season, look out the window and delve in the wonder of God’s creation _ and not feel guilty.

    And I agree with the others, A Monday’s post on Monday isn’t late. And heck, in this crazy world, so what if it shows up on Tuesday. Nothing bad will happen in spite of the rules of blogging. Trust me. We’ll still be here. 🙂


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