Murder on Edisto, by C. Hope Clark: a Review

I mentioned in “Three *Very* Different Books” that I expected big things from Hope Clark, and she didn’t disappoint me. Book One of her new series, The Edisto Island Mysteries, held me captive from page one.

More than a mystery, Murder on Edisto is a stunning example of expert characterization. Former Boston detective Callie Jean Cantrell has lost too many loved ones in too short a period of time. She was dangling by a thread after her husband was murdered. The thread frayed when her childhood friend was murdered. And when her father died under questionable circumstances, the thread snapped.

Battling the headwinds of a freefall, Callie struggles to discover who is behind all this.

This mainstream mystery is definitely Hope’s best book yet, but it’s not for my more sensitive followers. The language can be rough, and the sex scenes, though far more tastefully done than others I’ve read, are a bit too explicit for some readers. Still, it deserves each one of the five stars I award it.


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8 Responses to Murder on Edisto, by C. Hope Clark: a Review

  1. K.M. Weiland says:

    Wow, that Wings of Glass cover is gorgeous!


  2. hopeclark says:

    Thanks so much, Linda. I thoroughly enjoyed writing this book – way more than the others. It took me in a new direction that I hope will continue in the rest of that series. So happy you enjoyed it.


  3. I agree this is her nest book yet.


  4. Sorry granddaughter grabbed my arm. It’s her best book yet.


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