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Monday MorningAs always, the Monday after Mom finds me tired. We had a great time, in spite of the fact that our visit consisted of one doctor’s appointment after another. All good, thank you very much, but still, they made for long days.

Mom’s knees bother her, but she’s a trooper. Simple things tickle her no end. Like grocery shopping. She never gets to go for herself anymore, so she wanted to stroll (i.e. push her walker and hobble) through the aisles just to see what’s available out there. She was on a See-Buy mission. If she saw it, she bought it. I’d be embarrassed to admit how much she spent on groceries for one person. Some things she brought home, tasted, and decided she didn’t like them, which is why they’re all sitting in my refrigerator right now. Not that I’m complaining . . .

And I can’t really complain about being tired, either. MSB has been working overtime–including Saturdays–for several weeks now, so the fact that he had yesterday and today off is a bonus for him. Now he can do all the work around here he’s been meaning to do, like mow before the grass and weeds tower over the house. His schedule is rough right now, so we tend to focus on the bulging paychecks instead of the bags under his eyes.

So, considering how things are for the other loves in my life, I can’t complain at all. And if I can get enough caffeine pumped into my system, I won’t need to. 

The imagination sparkers last week received only two responses for a short story contest, so that’s not going to happen. The posts got a lot of hits, but not many viewers wanted to take me up on my challenge. Oh, well. Maybe some other time.

I do have some good news, though–at least good to me. I received an invitation to speak with a book club. What can beat that? Instead of chatting with other writers, I actually get to chat with some readers! But I’m also honored to be asked to chat with other authors at the Bayou Writers Group Bridge to Publication Conference in November. I’ll be on the panel with authors Elizabeth Ludwig and Edie Melson, and also Jessica Kirkland, marketing and literary agent with the Blythe Daniel agency. I loved this conference last time, so I’m definitely looking forward to it this year.

The other bit of good news is that The Simulacrum is available on Kindle for 99c this week!

480 x 720


I hope you take advantage of the offer (and if you do, don’t forget to leave a review)!

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4 Responses to Monday Morning Stuff

  1. Linda, my week was full of being available to meet my familes needs.Every hours and work and babysitting. I an relate to your hecticness. I too have elderly parents and your ccomments about her eatign habits made me laugh. My mom is exactly like that. Even worse in restaurants.
    I loved the idea of a short story contest but not the word count. I would have tried to squeez in time to do a 250 word flash fiction. 2500 words requires more thought and more editing until i would be ready to submit it. Time I don’t have right now. I’m desperately trying to squeeze in other writing projects so I can submit them soon. Bring up that idea again when you and I are not so overwhelmed with family stuff. (Like that will ever happen.) I’ll be sure to download The Simalcrum and add it to my must read list.


    • Someone somewhere–I wish I remembered where–called us the bologna generation, sandwiched in between kids’ needs and parents’ needs. We are legion!

      Flash fiction would’ve been a good idea. I haven’t held a writing contest in *years* so I thought it would be fun. Maybe I’ll try it again sometime.

      Hope you do get The Simulacrum, and I hope you like it. However you feel about it, please leave an honest review. You know how writers need reviews!


  2. K.M. Weiland says:

    Hey, that’s awesome about the book club! Can’t wait to hear about it.


    • I’m excited about it. There are around 15 members–not huge, but not bad. If they chose one of my books (and this year’s president is going to push for it!), that’s 15 quick sales! Happyhappyhappy! 😀


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