Imagination Sparkers

As you know, this is “Mom Week,” and I’m not here. But for this past Monday and Wednesday, as well as today, I scheduled pictures from my Photo Shopping spree. As I said Monday, I’m toying with the idea of holding a short story contest for my readers. What do you think? Let me know if any of the photos I post this week inspire you and if you’d be interested in writing a 3500-word short story. If enough folks are interested, we may just have ourselves a little competition.

Here’s group three (click on any picture to enlarge it):


So, these were some of the ones that sparked my interest. How did they do for yours?

I didn’t show the one that actually got to me, though. And don’t ask me why it did. I really don’t know–but I have a great plan for it, one that began to develop almost immediately:

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6 Responses to Imagination Sparkers

  1. I am up for a contest and I like the first one of the man/angel.


  2. K.M. Weiland says:

    This is your best batch yet!


  3. The chauffeur looks like an interesting chap. When’s the deadline?


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