Nefarious Secrets

[I’m with Mom this week, so Brad’s filling in for me. Have fun!]

Secret SocietiesWe’ve all heard about secret societies. Skull & Bones. The Freemasons. The Templar Knights. The Bilderberg Group. Some people deny that these organizations even exist. A much larger group acknowledge their current or former existence but deny that they could ever accomplish anything secretly. Still others believe that secret societies are behind the most important actions in the world.

In the history of science, there was at least one secret society, known as the Invisible College. Many today believe that it was a predecessor to the Royal Society of London and that the Invisible College is no longer in existence.

But that was the 1600s. What about today? Is it possible for a small group of scientists to falsify their scientific findings and keep it a secret, intentionally misinforming the world about their scientific discipline? Would scientists lie to us, to world leaders, to us and our children in order to enrich themselves? Would a large number of scientists work together and fake the scientific evidence in order to serve a political purpose? If scientists “know” that something is true but cannot prove it, would they lie to use and tell us that it is proven in order to end the debate and change public policy?

Some would say the answer is a resounding yes! I’m referring to the issue of climate change, also known as global warming. According to John Costella, PhD, “[t]his is not ‘climate science,’ it is climate ideology; it is the Church of Climatology.”

I would urge you to read John Costella’s annotated collection of the Climategate emails. The emails by these “scientists” are positively chilling and a damning indictment of the ethics of all scientists. It is a must read, but don’t trust my word on this. Spend the time to read every word and every page. It’s an eye-opener.

We all like to believe that people in power, especially scientists, are honest and trustworthy. The Climategate emails are disturbing and raise serious questions about the character and ethics of those who call themselves “scientists.” Even worse than Climategate was the reaction of the mainstream media, which acted as if nothing was happening and did everything in its power to keep the public from becoming aware of the scandal. Worse still was the reaction by scientists and academics who were tasked to investigate and respond to the Climategate revelations but who didn’t even attempt to get to the truth or respond to the specific allegations.

Again, I would urge you to open the above link and read the Climategate emails, as well as John Costella’s comments. Then ask yourself this question: if scientists would lie to you about climate science, why wouldn’t they lie to you about evolution?

There are few scientists who have ever seen a human fossil. Most of them are stored in secure locations. The vast majority of scientists are only able to access plaster casts that do not perfectly represent that actual fossils, and the disparities between the two are significant. The reality is that you have a very large pool of scientists who are relying on information provided by a very small pool. Again, I ask you: if scientists would lie to you about climate science, why wouldn’t they lie to you about evolution?


Brad’s research into this is the foundation for our book, The Simulacrum. His passion for the topic–and for the truth–is evident in the novel. It’s a novel you won’t want to miss!

The Simulacrum

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2 Responses to Nefarious Secrets

  1. K.M. Weiland says:

    Secret societies always make for great thrillers!

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  2. Lynn Mosher says:

    Yup, yup, yup! Known about the lies for quite a while. Sounds like a great book! Hope it does well!


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