Catchin’ Up

Mom and me at ApplebeesLast time I wrote a post that wasn’t pre-scheduled, I announced I was heading out for my monthly visit with Mom. As always, it was fun. As always, she bragged about me every chance she got. As always, I gained weight.

I don’t know what it is about being back in my hometown that makes me throw caution and that slender thread of self-discipline to the wind and eat like I did before weight gain was a problem. And Mom is no help whatsoever. Her housekeeper comes once a week, and twice a month, she goes for Mom’s groceries. The woman is notorious for buying the wrong thing–too much, too little, wrong brand, whatever. This time, she came home with a whole key lime pie, instead of the Edwards slices Mom claimed she asked for.

Still debating whether I believe that one. Key lime pie is one of my summer favorites, and Mom is known to buy things just for me, even if I’m going to be there only a day or two, and even though she’s gotten into the habit of buying dessert at whatever restaurant we’re in. Usually, her final words as I prepare to return home are, “Why don’t you take this with you?”

Included in “this” were three boxes of frozen Girl Scout cookies, almost the entire key lime pie (she only wanted one slice), and a full bag of Cheetos–a particular weakness. I left them behind because they wouldn’t have made the ride home. Also included in the fare were leftovers from our meals out (and we eat all our meals out), which were substantial because of these words: “Oh, just get the big one”–steak, rack of ribs, whatever–“we can always refrigerate the leftovers.”

When will I ever learn to say no?

But I got to read The Cat Lady’s Secret to her. That was special. I wish she could read for herself again, but reading to her is just . . . special. And it’s fun seeing her reaction to my work. I can tell I’ve done a good job when she laughs at all the right places, cries at all the right places, and gets mad at all the right characters.

As always, I came back from Mom’s tired, but I followed it up with a trip to Houston to give a speech for a chapter of the ACFW, Writers on the Storm, which was also fun and wonderful, and included lunch from Lupe Tortillas. I can’t eat before a speech, I’m usually too nervous, so I placed an order for when I got home–a full rack of their delectable ribs.

Seems like Mom’s isn’t the only place I tend to overindulge. Sigh.


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9 Responses to Catchin’ Up

  1. K.M. Weiland says:

    This housekeeper sounds like she’d make a great character in your next book!


  2. Lynn Mosher says:

    LOL Your mom is soooo cute! So glad she has such a loving and caring daughter! 😉 Glad you two had a good time and glad your speech went well. 😀


  3. Oh Linda, sounds like a great time all around, and productive as well. Your mom sounds like my husband when it comes to indulgences. As my sister once told me, “It’s not will power that’s the problem, it’s the won’t power.” Sigh. I have no magic answer either.

    So happy to hear your mother is doing well. I must admit, I am lucky that I still have both my parents. Last night, the cheerleader in my mom told me that both my dad (who never reads novels by women) and she loved my book. They thought it was so well written and interesting, they both read it in only a few days. Coming from my toughest critics and most staunch supporters this was a great compliment and I have been floating all day.

    Congratulations on your recent publication, The Cat Lady’s Secret. (Glad your mom liked it too!)


  4. Your book is waiting in my Kindle, Ceci. Can’t wait to read it. So many books, so little time. 😀

    You’re blessed to have both parents. I miss my Dad. I know I’ll see him again some day, but there are times when I really wish he were here.


    • Gulp. I hope my bragging about my parents didn’t prompt you to buy the book. I wasn’t trying to plug it, honestly! I was just spouting. And when it comes to books, I don’t expect, quid pro quo. I read yours just because I wanted to, not to have any reciprocation. You are such an awesome writer and I am embarrassed just thinking you might read mine.

      And yes, you will see your dad again, as we both know, but it’s the time in between that is so hard.


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