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saturday week in review

In case you didn’t know, I was a bit busy this past week with the Cat in a Coffee Cup Giveaway, so what I have to offer today is a tad slim. And it’ll be worse next Saturday, because I’ll be with Mom, who isn’t too fond of me spending our time together hidden behind a computer screen. But I’ll do the best I can.

First, a couple of things you may have missed about yours truly (aside from the giveaway):

I was blessed to have a couple of days dedicated to me on Ane Mulligan’s blog, Southern-fried FictionShe interviewed me last Tuesday, then, on Wednesday, reposted an article I’d written, “Conflict in Romance.” Those who write Romance may find this post interesting.

And those who are considering writing in first person are welcome to drop by KM Weiland’s blog, Helping Writers Become Authorswhere you’ll find my article, “Three Ways You Can Use a First Person Narrator to Tell a Better Story.”

Now, on with the show!

Marketing Maniacs:

Ralene Burke reminds us that, while hopes for reciprocal backscratching shouldn’t be a goal when engaging in social media, it certainly doesn’t hurt. Check out her post, “5 Ways to Be Generous and Build Your Platform.

Making another appearance on Saturday Week in Review is Linda Fulkerson, who had a terrific post about Electronic Press/Media Kits and how to create them. And guess where I found it? Ane Mulligan’s Southern-fried Fiction!

Amanda Luedeke had a post on Chip MacGregor’s site, answering the question we all want to know: Do radio and TV spots really sell books?

And speaking of Chip MacGregor:

He just announced his colleague, Sandra Bishop, is leaving the fold. You can find out what’s up on Chip’s Blog.

Shop Talk:

Ever give in to just about anything! to keep from having to write? Can’t get that kick in the tukas you need to get back to work? Orly Konig Lopez provides “4 Tricks to Trapping the Elusive Motivation” on the Writers in the Storm blog.

Blocked? Stymied? Don’t know which way to turn? Maybe Nina Badzin can help. Her article “Recognizing the Difference Between a Writer’s Deadend and a Detour” can be found on Anne R. Allen’s blog.

 Kathy Ide talks about herself and her newest release, Proofreading Secrets of Best Selling Authors, on Lena Dooley’s blog, A Christian Writer’s WorldYou should see the list of authors who contributed to Kathy’s book!

Great article by Wendy Lawton on Books and Suchcomparing fiction writing with photography. Find the similarities between holding the camera and holding the pen.

Genre Talk:

Maddie Crum of the Huffington Post says Young Adult books are acceptable for adults, too, but we’re not totally surprised by that. But see why she says “YA’s not just for ‘young’ adults anymore”!

Interesting for my mystery/thriller writers: Do you know the “true” definition of murder? James J. Murray tells you on his blog, Prescription for Murder.

Cool Tools:

Found the neatest thing for blog hops the other day. It’s a way for people to sign up for the hop with you, called “linkytools.” You can see how it works on Candlelight Readsor you can go to the site and watch the demo. Best to do both. BTW: Check out Candlelight Reads on Facebook. They can use the support–and I think what they’re doing is a great idea!

Another cool tool is the Randomizer–a dandy site that takes the pain out of determining drawing winners. I wish Pamela Meyers had told me before the Cat Lady party, but I’m sure glad to discover it now!

Well, I think that should keep you occupied for a bit! Till next time

Peppermint Hugs and Candy Cane Kisses!


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4 Responses to Week in Review–Info for Authors

  1. K.M. Weiland says:

    I loved having you this week! Your post was tremendously popular among my readers.


  2. annerallen says:

    Thanks much for the shout-out for Nina Badzin’s great guest post on my blog. Great links! I’m going to check out your post on K. M. Weiland’s blog right now.


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