It’s Here! It’s Here!

Box of books

It doesn’t get old, holding the fruits of your labor in your hands, flipping through the pages and thinking, I wrote this!

What surprises me is how long it took.

The other day, I was looking through some old blog posts, and found references to The Cat Lady’s Secret as far back as 2008! Back then, Emily was Evelyn, and Millie was far more eccentric than she is now–believe it or not. But I look back over the years and everything that happened since ’08, and I’m not really surprised how after all.

I can’t believe it’s finally here! WOO-HOOO!!!

I’ll be announcing giveaway opportunities soon, so stay tuned! And if you haven’t “liked” me on Facebook, now’s the time–my release party happens there on June 12!


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13 Responses to It’s Here! It’s Here!

  1. Linda,
    How exciting for you. I am encouraged to know years before this book was published the characters were being formed. Gives me hope for my journey. Can’t wait to read it.


  2. Wow! Congratulations, Linda! I’m a cat lover. So, I need to check out your book. 🙂


  3. Harliqueen says:

    Congratulations, how exciting! They look incredible 😀


  4. hopeclark says:

    Very very exciting, yes, Big congrats, Linda.


  5. Lynn Mosher says:

    Woo-hoo! Look at that! What a great sight! So happy for you! ❤


  6. Joanne Sher says:

    Squeeeee! So cool 🙂 Excited for ya, friend!


  7. K.M. Weiland says:

    Ah! Don’t you love that moment? Lookin’ good!


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