The Men of Dogwood, Texas

DogwoodSo far as I’ve taken you around the streets of Dogwood, Texas, we’ve met Millie, Emily, and Scott–the three main characters for The Cat Lady’s Secretand we’ve met Emily and Scott’s friends, Lauren and Roger Norris, Scott’s mom Rita, and the pastor Micah. I think I even slipped in a note about Annie and Kyle, Spencer Milligan, and little Justin Ryman, too.

But these aren’t the only folks in town.

ConnorThere’s Connor Matthews, Emily’s attorney/financial planner/family friend. After her parents died, Emily did fine managing the income from their estate. She just shoved it into an interest-bearing account and refused to touch it. Her income from Deck the Walls and the royalties from her wallpaper designs were all she needed.

But when she had to sell her business and leave Houston, she had to figure out a budget. As far as financial planning was concerned, she was in over her head.

So who else could she turn to but the gruff and lovable Connor Matthews? He invested the bulk of her funds, and left her with a personal account and a charities account. Under his careful management, she is able to buy that Queen Anne Victorian that caught her eye.

I tell ya, there’s something to be said for independent wealth–no matter how short-lived!

ParkerAnother personality in town is Parker Milligan, owner of the insurance company Emily turns to when it’s time to do the paperwork on her new Victorian. He has advertisements on the benches downtown that Millie sits on when her feet start to hurting her.

Parker is one of Scott’s friends and Spencer Milligan’s father. Spencer loves Scott, too. Scott has coached him in Little League for a number of years, which should be reason enough for their closeness. But Scott also has horses on his place occasionally, and there’s nothing Spencer wants more, something he frequently mentions to his dad. Is there a horse in his future?

PaulThen there’s the journalist, Paul Goodrich. Paul loves his wife, a real beauty with a gentle heart. Her influence keeps him from mixing business with pleasure, which comes in handy when he and Emily are in close proximity.

His boss is riding him to find the generous soul who is selflessly and anonymously coming to the rescue of several folks in town–a story Paul thinks is nothing more than a fluff piece for the society page.

But once his newshound nose finds the trail, he doesn’t stop sniffing . . .

What does he find?

The secret is revealed June 6th!

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4 Responses to The Men of Dogwood, Texas

  1. First I’ve got to admit I haven’t read the prior books in the series. But let me see if my intuition works this time.
    There’s someone in the town who she’s been interacting with. The thing is this individual is somehow related to Emily and she doesn’t know it.
    Do I win a prize if I’ve guess what the secret is ???
    Only joking !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    I’ve also sent you a LI message about how we know each other just like Emily’s not knowing the relationship she has with someone else in the town.

    Have a GREAT HUMPDAY !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


    • Oh, you’re waaaay off base! But nice try! This isn’t a series–yet. I’ve been playing with ideas, so, who knows?

      I got your message. Thanks tons for the link alert!

      Happy Humpday to you too!


  2. K.M. Weiland says:

    Wow. I just cannot believe how spot on all these pictures are. Did you just get lucky – or were you searching iStockphoto for days? :p


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